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This is a quote by Brian Winch of Australia about the sound of our TurboHeader.

"From all points the noise was very acceptable – no bark or metallic rattle – and from the rear the noise was still quite low (comparatively) but of such a great sound – a real solid engine sound like a BMW motorcycle (horizontal twin engine) on full song going up a hill under full load." Thanks Brian!

Our TurboHeader Muffler can be used on gas or nitro engines.

Hear our product for yourself!

Medium Single Cylinder

What our customers say!

"I flew the FW190 20cc and it was amazing. The sound is beautiful. It's much better than the stock muffler!!! Excellent product and quality!!"


What our customers say about TurboHeader™

Tell us what YOU think!

"I flew the FW190 20cc and it was amazing. The sound is beautiful. It's much better than the stock muffler!!! Excellent product and quality!!"

Ernesto - Mar 30, 2024

"Midtown cycles is me, this is my 3rd order and I love these headers, they are awesome."

Darren - Mar 20, 2024

"This is my second header I’ve ordered from RC Specialties. I like them because of the sound given to the engine plus with the OS95v is easier to have a discrete exhaust system avoiding excessive modifications on the cowling specially for scale planes."

Ruben - Feb 27, 2024

"Here are some pics for the gallery of my Great Planes Lancair with a Saito FA91 and your fantastic muffler system. I am working on another Lancair with a Saito FA100 which will get the system you just shipped. Thanks for offering such an amazing system!!!!"

Chris - Feb 17, 2024

"Jim, Received the t/muffler and could not be happier. Absolutely perfect for my installation. I believe a deserving job, deserves a well done. Thank you!"

Marc - Jan 22, 2024

"Hi Jim, Parts received today. Absolutely delighted with them and I intend to repeat the order next month. Thank you for a faultless, super service."

Rob - Jan 16, 2024

"I ran the engine and the tone was great. The muffler also stayed tight. I had nothing but problems with the stock Saito muffler. Thanks for making this great product available."

Ryan - Oct 06, 2023

"Can you believe that I got the muffler for my 125 today? didn't think a Gov't entity could move that fast. Nevertheless....I received it, and yes, its Saito Jewelry. Just beautiful. Thanks Jim!"

Darren - May 06, 2023

"I received my muffler and adapter last night, what a nice piece of machining. I trust it will perform as well as it looks. Whoever is machining these really knows what they are doing and the threads are spot on too. I'm glad that I found this."

Darren - Apr 12, 2023

"These mufflers are simply the best. They are super efficient, compact for in-cowl applications, sound fabulous, and WILL NOT COME LOOSE. I have used them for years on my Saito engines with absolutely no complaints."

Gary - Jan 22, 2022

"Nice exhaust! Fit my typhoon perfectly. Thanks"

David - Feb 8, 2019

"Bought your muffler for my OS Max 120 FS-III installed on my Piper J3 and just wanted to say I am very happy with it. It performs beautifully, conceals well inside the cowl, great product."

Joao - Oct 16, 2018

"Muffler has arrived, and what a niece piece of engineering it is too!, have fitted and tested already, makes beautiful sound and gives me extra 300 rpm, excellent, very pleased, will order another one shortly for my Saito 125a fs, many thanks,"

Paul - March 29, 2014

"Hello I received my turbo header for my Saito FG-21. It is ad good as everyone says. It is a fantastic product."

Phil – March 28, 2014

"I flew my FG14 powered Edge 540 again today and not only does it sound great but I find the engine tuning so much easier with the Turboheader fitted. This is a great product. Well done."

Jim – May 2, 2013

"Took the Blue Nose P-51 up with your muffler the other day. Went great, just wanted to let you know that when it was up in the air twenty people from the club started crowding commenting on how good it sounded. I am going to build a hangar 9 p-47 soon with a fg-17... I’ll be back for a muffler for that. Thanks again... and a BIG thank you for bending over backwards for a customer over the holidays!"

Ed – Jan. 2, 2013

"Good day sir. Just wanted to let you know I posted a vid highlighting one of the 3 mufflers I have bought from you in the past. Love the sound and love the performance. I made reference to your web address which hopefully will only bring customers calling. You are more than welcome to add the vid to your gallery. I think I captured the sound quite well. watch video"

Lonny – July 13, 2011

"Hi just to say how pleased I am with my Turboheader muffler for my Saito 150 ! No more issues with coming loose & stripping threads etc, it has an awesome sound that club mates have commented on and the engine is running superb right across the speed range! Thanks very much for a great product."

Chris Guernsey UK - June 1, 2012

"Parts arrived today and the workmanship is exquisite! Far better than expected. Keep up the good work."

Bruce - April 7, 2012

"I just wanted to let you know that I took a friends recommendation to put a turbo muffler in my first build, a Hangar 9 Taylorcraft with a Saito 1.50... The plane sounds GREAT, better than ever expected, and the compact size of the muffler allowed for a squeaky clean install. I couldn't be more pleased with the performance, appearance and sound of the Turboheaded Muffler! Thank you!"

Ben - April 2, 2012

"I do like the sound and above all I had bought this muffler to hide the muffler in the cowl which has worked beautifully. Thanks again for a beautiful product."

"The more I fly your mufflers the better I like them".

"This is my SIXTH TurboHeader! They are so good, it is sorta like potato chips - you can't stop at one! Jim is just a SUPER guy to deal with to boot"!

"I love the Turboheader muffler. It is a high quality, reasonably priced muffler that was just what I needed".

"This is a super Muffler, the sound is WOW!"

"This is a great product. It makes it easy to do in-cowl installs and the motors run great. If you have a Saito this is the way to go."

"Great product, it is exactly what I needed. Excellent workmanship. Fit perfectly. Shipped promptly and good communication."

"Excellent product at a fair price. This adapter can eliminate your muffler hanging out of a cowl. I'll surely buy more when I need them. Also he ships really fast. AAAAAAAAAAAAA"

"Has to be one of the best ideas yet for the big and ugly stock saito exhaust and not to mention the sweet exhaust note! A++++++++++++++++"

"Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!!!!! Cant say enough on how easy of a transaction this was, not to mention the product! Thanks again"

"As always, great product, great to do business with, rapid shipping. Thats why I'm a repeat customer. Highly recommended for both the product and service. Your Saito will love you for it!!!!!"

"GREAT item, would have never concealed my exhaust in the cowling without this 90 degree muffler adapter. Great for those narrow cowlings."

"This was my second purchase from RC Specialties...Excellent product and fast shipping. Everyone should try their mufflers and adapters"

"Awsome product! Great quality! Just what I needed! Thanks!"

"Beautiful! Great machine work. Very Fast Shipping! Works like a charm!"

"Turboheader looks great, fits perfectly, and is exactly as advertised."

"Ahhh yes ,but another one of these. Seems when i get a new Saito, one the Turbo Headers must go with it. A must have for your engine! Beautiful! Everyone at the field loves these not only the looks but the way it sounds. Mike"

"Great Product, this my second one and they do work as advertized!! ****AAAA**** Thanks Much, Tom"

"Great product. Finally my Saito 150 and 180 did not vibrate the muffler loose. Great service before during and after the sale. I will definately tell all my friends about this muffler."

"Thanks Jim, A great looking product with super fast shipping. This will make my scale project much better looking! Pleasure to do business with RC Specialties."

"A very unique sound from my Saito 100, flying on my Javelin. Emails and shipping were spot on, arrived in perth western Australia with out a hitch. Nice product great service, thanks Mate, Dave."

"I have several of these TurboMufflers and recommend them and the seller to everyone that wants a great sound, scale looks and a muffler that lasts!!"

"Great muffler 90 degree adaptor for my Saito at less than hallf price of another distributer. Fantastic machine work and quick send."

"Returning customer of this product. Just like the muffler offered, the workmanship is excellent and the transaction is seamless. Wouldn't hesitate to return again and again."

"Great Muffler Made a world of difference in the way my engine runs. Very Happy Thank you"

"Good deal......item is made 100% better than the factory original - Thanks - Now I can fly without fear of breakage."

"Great little muffler! Will save space in the cowl."

"Great product and customer service. Ordered on Wednesday and I had it by Saturday. I highly recommend. Thanks!"

"The TurboHeader a quality piece, works as advertised and sounds good."