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Lastest News

October 19, 2019
The TH13x1A is now on sale for $49.95

September 4, 2019
Our fall sale is here! The TH12x1A and TH12x1B are now on sale for $49.95.

July 21, 2019
Our Summer Sale is here. All TH14x1A and TH15x1A TurboHeaders are now $49.95.

Jan. 19, 2019
We have alot of interest on our TH10x1A for the FG 11 lately. Let us know if you have a specific interest for your engine.

July 22, 2018
The TH12x1A , TH12x1B, and the RCS11x12S are on sale for a limited time.

April 1, 2018
The TH15x1A is on sale.

The TH14x1A and the TH14x1B are on sale until Easter.

Feb. 7, 2018
The TH12x1A and the TH12x1B are on sale until Feb 28, 2018

Jan. 5, 2018

The TH15x1A is now back in stock.

July 27, 2017
One of our customers tried our TH13x1A on his YS 120. Here is what he had to report. "Tested muffler today. Used YS 120 with 16-8 APC. Using standard muffler it ran 8500 RPM and 122 DBa. He put on our muffler and changed nothing. It ran 8700 RPM at 122 DBa. The color of the sound changed with higher frequencies coming through but overall not louder. It works perfectly in the cowl of my Edge". Thank you Richard for this report.

September 18, 2016
We are pleased to announce that Albury RC Models & Hobbies has become a dealer for RCS in Australia. We look forward to working with Robert to better serve the needs of our Australian customers. Welcome Robert!

May 10, 2016
Spring is here. Check out our line of mufflers and 90 degree adapters for a clean installation on that new plane. Our UK customers can contact JustEngines for quick service. Our Australian customers can contact Christian Traders.

January 24, 2014
Customers can review our Product Application Chart on each product page to ensure they order the right item for their engines. Please let us know if your engine is not listed.

Dec 15, 2013
We have added new dealers to the TurboHeader product line. Please check our for a dealer near you.

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Medium Single Cylinder

What our customers say!

"Returning customer of this product. Just like the muffler offered, the workmanship is excellent and the transaction is seamless. Wouldn't hesitate to return again and again."

About RC Specialties

RC Specialties, LLC was founded in January 2007, for the purpose of providing quality alternative mufflers for 4 stroke engines. Our objective is to provide a muffler that increases performance while providing a great exhaust tone. Also, a need was recognized to provide a compact in-cowl muffler to eliminate the need to cut cowlings and exposing a large stock muffler.

Before the TurboHeader Muffler™ was introduced to the market, it underwent two and a half years of extensive field testing. After numerous design changes and modifications, maximum performance and the distinctive TurboHeader sound was achieved. Since January 2007, the TurboHeader Muffler line has expanded to include many four stroke engines in the small, medium and large single cylinder line. Please view our gallery to learn how our muffler and 90 degree adapter could help with your installation.

Our company is owned by an aviation professional who is an avid RC modeler with years of experience. His dedication to perfection and professional quality is part of our company philosophy. Our goal is to provide the best quality product and customer service available to our fellow RC Modelers.

Over the next few months RC Specialties will be offering many new products, so please check our site regularly.